Tuesday, April 1, 2008

hannah's new toys

our sweet hannah came to live with us in may, 2007. she spent at least the spring and part of the summer living under a bed. she's now got full run of the upstairs, and since christmas has been coming downstairs each night for some kibble and treats. last night she discovered a box in the hallway full of peanuts. she also discovered that the peanuts are amazing toys, and the box is an excellent place to hang out and wait for an unsuspecting cat to waltz right by her. (this is when i feel badly about marshall being blind...altho he's pretty darned tuned in to where any of the other kittehs are!)

here's ms. banana looking rather potato-y...despite being a little six-pound cat. granted, it's six pounds of fury some days!

and here's my sweet ms. banana and the fruits of her labor from last evening.