Tuesday, November 11, 2008

chuggin' along

mid-november...nothing exciting going on. making it thru the craft fair season and sliding into the holidays.

did a craft fair this past weekend. excuse me...holistic fair. i'm pretty accepting of all sorts of folks but there were some interesting characters at this one! quite interesting. i'd never met a "Gong Master" before or met people for whom "gaming" is a way of social life.

eh. whatever. different strokes, man.

made new soaps a few weeks back -- including lime margarita, cranberry oats, and a dupe of clarins' tonic, which i renamed "soylent green." added some soybean oil and some soy flour/milk and got a little cheeky. :)

have two more fairs to go and then production for spring/summer starts again. i also need to find a boatload of fairs for the spring.

oh. and yes.we.did.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election day 2008

it's finally here!!!!!!!

get out and vote for barack obama!!! he's the only politician in my lifetime that has provided inspiration and hope. let's change the world today. :)