Tuesday, November 11, 2008

chuggin' along

mid-november...nothing exciting going on. making it thru the craft fair season and sliding into the holidays.

did a craft fair this past weekend. excuse me...holistic fair. i'm pretty accepting of all sorts of folks but there were some interesting characters at this one! quite interesting. i'd never met a "Gong Master" before or met people for whom "gaming" is a way of social life.

eh. whatever. different strokes, man.

made new soaps a few weeks back -- including lime margarita, cranberry oats, and a dupe of clarins' tonic, which i renamed "soylent green." added some soybean oil and some soy flour/milk and got a little cheeky. :)

have two more fairs to go and then production for spring/summer starts again. i also need to find a boatload of fairs for the spring.

oh. and yes.we.did.

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