Sunday, January 3, 2010

my, it's been a while

happy 2010!!!

after a rough 2009, i'm looking forward to a 2010 that rocks, and we're off to an excellent start thus far. decrapifying the house and throwing out junk i just don't need/want.

also looking forward to new soap products in the coming year and getting back into the groove of some of my larger fairs.

have also picked up the knitting bug (altho not of late). managed to squeak out a couple of afghans, a few neckwarmers, and a baby sweater this past year. have a rather large stash of yarn already and need to get working on new projects, soon. now that decrapification is done on the inside of the house, i'll have time this winter. the rest of decrapification will happen during the spring/summer when it's warmer in the barn and i can stay out there for more than an hour.

still doing the vegetarian thing, altho i've added fish back into my diet.

hope to post more than once in a blue moon!

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