Sunday, February 3, 2008

my first blog post

jumping right in with both feet.
last weekend i picked up three incredible antique sewing machines - two old singers and a deluxe/imperial. i canNOT find info on this dang machine to save my life. i've spend hours looking.
argh are pics of the 3 machines:

this one is a 1926 model 128. works but i need to find a bobbin and shuttle to give it a real workout. really cool machine in outstanding condition.

the one above is a 1956 model 99 and is a real beauty of a machine. holy cow. i just sewed thru four layers of oiled canvas and it didn't put up so much as a squeak. 

the one below is a canadian machine (the deluxe/imperial zig zag). damned if i can find more details on it. just spent 30 minutes cleaning it up and it's gorgeous. sews okay, altho i'm going to have to mess a bit with the tension to get it right.

hope to resell these...altho the model 99 has impressed me incredibly. maybe my featherweight needs company. ;)

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