Thursday, June 12, 2008

major life changes stable job isn't so stable. :/

position being moved. number of miles doubles, but because we're talking boston, it's about 4.5-5 hours a DAY to commute. :(

so, we're looking for jobs. have sent out more resumes in the past five days than i think i have over my entire career. and the sad part is i think i'm having fun doing this! of course it couldn't come at a worse time as the economy stinks but for hard workers, there's always a place.

(hey, if you know of anyone looking for someone in NH...drop me a line!)

i have several weeks before all of this goes down, so i'm begging for good juju and candles and vibes and mojo and heck, even prayers. not that i can't commute to boston, but it seems like such a waste of resources (ie. gas/oil and me!)

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