Wednesday, October 22, 2008


trying to update and i've gone and mucked it up!

only 18 of 56 squares done...i need to get shaking on that afghan.

new job started nearly a month ago. love the position, love the people, love the company. it could all go tits up in this wacky economy and i'll have to figure out what to do then.'s better to be using my brain than as bored as i was at old position. altho having a hard time adjusting to new schedules and finding a rhythm in my daily life!

have been trying to keep up with craft fairs and the like and doing well with the soap biz. it's a little much this fall, what with new job, but i suspect the funds will help pay bills around january or february. it's always been my mad money. kind of depressing it's needed to pay for stuff this year. :(

last weekend we went to the flat track races in brockton, MA, and damn near froze to death. was good to see the gang. :)

have a bunch of craft fairs in november/december and because i've been so busy with other stuff, i'm a little behind in having product ready. i'm going to have to make soap this weekend (i rarely make it in the fall...but that's how crazy i've been!)

my gardens haven't been touched since mid-august. i'm going to have a mess back there and hope to work one or two days (soon) to button them up!

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