Monday, July 21, 2008

have to get better about updating :)

figure i should post updates on my mundane life. :)

working on finishing a few little projects around the house (like finishing the dining room project i started in february). it was too hot to work in the gardens this past weekend (and honestly, i was too afraid there'd be a snake making it's presence known to me) so i did a little painting, a little housework, a little knitting (five squares done for the afghan i started last weekend...only 58 to go).

have to start thinking about making some soap for the fall and adding some fragrances to the list. i think i pared back a wee bit too much and need some scents that are dazzling! thinking about getting into EO blending but i'm so incompetent with the complex blends i prefer that it might be safer to stay with the lovely fragrances i adore. (call me a scent slut, it's okay...and true).

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